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Baseline SellingBaseline SellingDave KurlanBaseline Selling

Dave discusses the Power of Sales Process and how a well-defined, structured, formal sales process will shorten your sales cycle, improve your closing percentage and increase your margins.





Daring Caution Approach to PricingDaring Caution Approach to PricingRobert SherlockDaring Caution Approach to Pricing

The decisions your company makes about pricing can have a dramatic impact on its earnings. Yet many firms fail to set the right prices. They fall prey to adversarial buyers who see virtually every product and service as a commodity and are shopping solely for the lowest price.




SNAP SellingSNAP SellingJill KonrathSNAP Selling

Struggling to make sales in today’s uncertain environment, even though you’re working harder than ever? This webcast should help you turn things around by providing you with the approaches you need to succeed from best-selling sales expert Jill Konrath.





The Ultimate Sales MachineThe Ultimate Sales MachineChet HolmesThe Ultimate Sales Machine

Warren Buffett’s Partner, Charlie Munger, has called Chet “America’s greatest sales and marketing executive.” Chet ran nine divisions of a company for Munger, doubling the sales volume of each, most within 12 to 15 months, and again doubling sales for several years consecutively.” It was all in the constant focus on 12 competencies,” explains Chet.