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Turn The Ship AroundTurn The Ship AroundDavid MarquetTurn The Ship Around

Former nuclear submarine commander David Marquet’s leader-leader model breaks with the old school of thinking that humanity has carried since the advent of farming; that there are leaders and there are followers. According to that model large portions of humanity are relegated to following. This saps energy, initiative, and curiosity — our most valuable contributions.




The Great Game of BusinessThe Great Game of BusinessJack StackThe Great Game of Business

The Great Game of Business is a way of running a company that gets everyone focused on helping the business be successful. Employees’ goals and accountability are tied directly to the success of the company. It teaches all employees the Critical Numbers of the company and how they can make a difference – both individually and as part of a team.




Management Lessons from Mayo ClinicManagement Lessons from Mayo ClinicDr. Leonard BerryManagement Lessons from Mayo Clinic

Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic reveals for the first time how this complex service organization fosters a culture that exceeds customer expectations and earns deep loyalty from both customers and employees. Service business authority Leonard Berry and Mayo Clinic marketing administrator Kent Seltman explain how the Clinic implements and maintains its strategy, adheres to its management system, executes its care model, and embraces new knowledge – invaluable lessons for managers and service providers of all industries.




Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!Greg CrabtreeSimple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!

Running a fast-growing, high-revenue business is no guarantee that you will build wealth. You’ve got to make the right decisions to create the efficiency and profits you need to harvest the rewards of your hard work.





Do More FasterDo More FasterBrad FeldDo More Faster

Starting a fast-growth company can offer unparalleled excitement. But it’s easy to get swallowed up by all of the competing demands on your time—and to find yourself working around the clock, with no time for the people you love, the outside activities you enjoy or even the occasional vacation.




Built For ChangeBuilt For ChangeTodd KleinBuilt For Change

Todd Klein, founder and managing partner of Legend Ventures, researched more than 125 companies and identified 8 distinguishing factors that separate extraordinary companies from successful ones. If you want to bring about dramatic changes in your industry, it is essential to understand how to distinguish yourself the way the leaders did.




Lean ExecutionLean ExecutionGuy C. ParsonsLean Execution

Guy is the leader in implementing Toyota’s LEAN Methodology in service and retail firms (as well as manufacturers). His two-hour presentation at one of our past Growth Summits was rated the highest of all presenters. His approach is practical, simple, and doable for growth firms. Now, more than ever, growth firms can’t afford to waste a dollar or a second of time. The first company in any industry that fully adopts and implements the principles of LEAN will dominate their industry like Toyota is dominating the auto industry – so don’t be left behind.




Where Good Ideas Come FromWhere Good Ideas Come FromSteven JohnsonWhere Good Ideas Come From

Have you ever wondered how to spark industry-changing innovation in your company? Do you wish you could find a way to unleash the untapped brilliance of your team – but find yourself at a loss?

Now you can learn how, from best-selling author Steven Johnson, author of six books that look at how science and technology are changing our world.