Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop – Melbourne (November 28th November 2017)

Scale up like you mean it

I know for a fact that if you’re leading a mid-sized business you are dealing with all sorts challenges and obstacles to achieving high performance and consistent growth.

Here are 5 that I see most often …

  • Growth has stalled … it feels like there’s a glass ceiling that’s blocking growth
  • Profit is waning … you seem to be working harder but making less … ultimately cash is shrinking
  • Yesterday’s strategy is not working today … how do you differentiate to start scaling again?
  • Opinions divided amongst owners/executives … the leadership group lacks the independent insights to craft a way forward
  • Challenges managing the team … the culture may have evolved rather than formed, or the CEO may be new to role


As a Gazelles Certified Coach, I specialise in driving performance and growth for business leaders like you, and something that I really enjoy doing is the Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop. I spend a day with CEOs, founders and executive teams to help them work on their multi-year strategic drivers, distill key initiatives for the coming year, and lay out priorities and accountabilities for the next quarter … whilst helping remove some of the likely blockers to success. It’s a very full day but everyone walks out with a draft One Page Strategic Plan that really builds momentum.

If that sounds interesting to you, the next Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop is coming up on Monday 10th October 2016 at the offices of Russell Kennedy Lawyers in the Melbourne CBD.

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