About You

Your Business

About Rob

You are a senior leader within a dynamic, growing business:

  • Your business is already a significant player within your chosen industry.
  • Your organisation is led by an executive team (rather than just a single founder or owner).
  • Dynamic in terms of growth or (growth aspiration), you may currently be stalled.
  • Improvement in one or more of the key ‘growth-enabling’ areas (strategy, people, execution and cash flow) is required.
  • Your senior leadership team needs objective advice to identify underlying challenges and opportunities, and create an effective strategic plan to tackle them.
  • As a group, the business values learning and is capable of change.

Your Challenges

Like many of the business leaders Rob meets, you are frustrated by:

  • Overwhelming workloads or challenges generated by rapid business growth.
  • Performance issues related to operations and cash flow.
  • Challenges associated with driving effective strategic change.
  • Lack of personal time and freedom.

Your Solution

After engaging Rob’s business coaching services, his clients have:

  • Redefined their company’s strategic direction, values and goals and clarified priorities.
  • Identified their core customers and value proposition to gain greater market share.
  • Transformed convoluted five-year plans into aligned, achievable one-year and quarterly plans.
  • Gained renewed energy and accountability amongst members of their team.
  • Developed a new sense of personal focus as a leader.